Duct Sealing and Insulation

Duct Insulation

Insulating ductwork is something every homeowner should do. The most significant benefit is reducing energy consumption and prolonging the life of the system. It will also significantly increase the comfort of the home. Insulated ducts will allow the HVAC system to heat or cool rooms more quickly and reduce noise.

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Duct sealing and duct insulation go together

A&Z insulation can help you solve these problems with duct encapsulation, sealing and insulation. Home energy experts recommend that ducts should be sealed as well as insulated, and it’s very cost-effective to have this work performed at the same time. Ducts are inherently leaky because of all the joints between duct sections and fittings. Energy is wasted when conditioned air leaks out of ducts, and when unconditioned air leaks in. Leaky ducts also create indoor air quality problems by drawing attic, basement and crawl space air into the air supplied to the living space.

Duct Sealing and Insulation – What We Do

  • Removing any old insulation and tape that may be on the ducts
  • Securing ducts with screws and sealing all joints with mastic. Mastic is a flexible sealant that contracts and expands with your ducts and will never come off, unlike tape
  • Replacing any duct lines or joints that are too damaged to be sealed with mastic or other traditional methods
  • Finally, Installers will spiral wrap the ducts, to building code, with R-11 insulation. They will then spiral nylon string/fiber tape around the insulation to permanently hold it in place
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